Mahjong Solitaire is a puzzle game where you have to match tiles. You are able to match any “Free” tiles, as long as they are identical–those are the tiles on the edges that have no tiles on both sides. Select them, and match them with other identical free tiles. That way, you can eliminate them from the board.

Mahjong game rules: locked tiles

Win the game by eliminating all the tiles.

Also important to note is that flower / season tiles may appear. Those tiles are not identical, but can still be matched with each other. Those are the flower / season tiles available in the game:

Mahjong game rules: seasons and flowers

Mahjong Club is a strategy game. It might be good to think accurately before you match tiles. A good strategy is to first match the tiles that are blocking others. That way, you’ll get new opportunities to quickly solve the puzzle.

In case you get stuck, we always offer you the possibility of restarting the puzzle or shuffling the current puzzle so that you can continue your Mahjong journey.


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Mahjong Club: Solitaire Game
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