2 months ago

A steady growth for Mahjong Club

In the past couple of months, the Mahjong Club game for mobile devices & tablets, as well as the webportal ( has seen lots of growth. Currently, we have an active community of 400.000 daily active users playing their favorite Mahjong game on a Daily Basis.

In the mobile apps, lots of new content, events and settings have been released recently. Here on the webportal, we have released many Weekly Puzzles since the launch of the portal at the end of July 2022. Please don't forget to set a highscore for all previous weeks!

6 months ago

Welcome to!

Today we launched, a cross platform web portal where you can play your favorite Mahjong game 24/7.

Back in January this year, we launched our mobile Mahjong Club application on Google Play and Apple's iOS. In no time, it conquered the world with millions of players enjoying their favorite Mahjong app every day. Due to the new playing experience, with a side twist of traveling around the world, the game dominated the classic mahjong genre quickly.

As such, many people sent us feedback requesting for a web experience where they can play classic mahjong puzzles on their PCs. It is for this reason that we decided to launch For the full experience, we suggest you to download our mobile app on your mobile or tablet device.


Do you have the mobile Mahjong Club app already for Android and iOS?

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